18th January 2019
Distributors for Evans Waterless Engine Coolants
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With over 20 years of experience servicing the specialist rotary market they have a highly qualified team with over 60 years of knowledge, they have consulted for the MOD and various other organisations

RoTechniks have been for many years one of the leading restorers of rotary machines, projects have included a Corvette XP 897GT and NSU Spider. They are also experts on performance and tuning. They provide an excellent and highly skilled service for their customers.

Members of the team include a specialist in oil on the team with more than 20 years experience as an engineer. They have house specialist oil testing & diagnostic equipment and have spent several years testing; experimenting and diagnosing oils with rotary applications. The team have designed and built their own specialist machines for carrying out servicing and maintenance on rotary and diesel engines.

 “Spent thousands on your vehicle? Want to preserve your investment? Then protect it with Evans Waterless Engine Coolant.” Rotechniks



Rustbusters are experts in rust protection, rust prevention and rust proofing of all new cars, classic cars, buses, commercial vehicles, railway rolling stock, railway infrastructure, military vehicles and offshore structures.

Rustbusters understand rust, where it comes from and the damage it can do for specialist vehicle construction and maintenance through to classic restoration. Rust buster will help reduce the effects of long term corrosion.

They have an adhesive test facility to enable customers to make informed choices on which adhesives and sealants are best suited.

Rustbusters became a distributor of Evans Waterless Engine Coolants in 2012, due to its zero corrosion rating unlike water based products which will erode over time.

“If you wanted your engine to corrode what’s the best thing you could fill it with? Water!”  


Rohais Motor Centre

Established in 1995 Rohais Motor Centre has an enthusiastic team with a wealth of experience allowing them to offer a range of specialised motoring services. Specialising in the sale of high specification Japanese 4x4’s, MPV’s and performance cars, they can also provide customers with full servicing and repair facilities through their workshops for both European and Japanese models.

Rohais has now become a major partner for Evans Waterless Engine Coolants in Channel Isles. They will also be providing a conversion service to customers alongside other services they already offer.


Quad Bike Wales

Established in 2003 and with several years experience Quad Bike Wales have established themselves as a reliable and dedicated team of Quad Bike experts.

They have developed themselves into one of the UK’s leading utility Quad parts, spares and accessory specialists. They specialise in a wide range of manufacturers, providing full workshop facilities for repairs and servicing. The company also supplies and manufactures specialist race axels for quad bikes.

Another service Quad Bike Wales provides is to the film and TV industry, providing quads for Television and film productions crews filming on location in Wales. One of the most recent productions they have supplied was BBC’s flagship programme Dr.Who.